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Carmen’s Condominiums

Fairfield Main Road

Black Rock, St. Michael


Reservations 1-246-424-1582




You feel overworked, underpaid, you could really enjoy a nice vacation on a beach somewhere and Barbados looks like the perfect place to enjoy the break you so desperately need. Nice! Warm! White sand beaches! Lovely sightseeing tours! Great food! Exotic Drinks! A fantastic place to de-stress, relax and not worry about anything.

 Carmen’s condominiums Barbados accommodations offers rooms for rent in Barbados at great rates. Carmen’s condominiums offers the best accommodations in Barbados, that include cozy lodging’s with many complimentary amenities.

Book a room at Carmen’s Condominiums in Barbados for $100 US dollars per day and you’ll get a spacious room for rent, with a comfortable bed, built-in dresser and mirror in a shared three bedroom condo.

You’ll have full access to complimentary cable TV, WiFi (bring your Internet ready multimedia device)to keep up with your family and friends back home and boast about where you are enjoying a great vacation. Keep up-to-date with your facebook page postings and more.

You’ll also enjoy the use of the large outdoor balcony/patio, large kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and many more complimentary amenities all for just $100 USD per day.

The rooms are tastefully furnished and offers a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere for a great night’s or day’s rest. The rooms for rent in Barbados can easily accommodate one person or a couple.

Do it now! Step out of your comfort zone. Take some time off work, find a cheap flight going to Barbados, book a room at Come to Barbados, relax and have fun.

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